CALIFORNIA UNINSURED MOTORIST CLAIM | LEGAL INFORMATION: If I was injured in an automobile accident caused by an Uninsured Motorist in California state, what happens?

Then you may have a claim for UM (uninsured motorist) benefits under your own automobile policy. If you make a UM claim, your own insurance carrier has the right to use all defenses that the other driver may have had against you in that particular claim. Many people make the mistake that they will be treated better by their own insurance company.  This simply is not true, and your own insurance carrier will be allowed to assert all defenses available to the at-fault driver, and the insurance carrier almost always does. 

A California UM claim therefore essentially creates an adversarial relationship between you and your own insurance carrier for purposes of their defense (to lower your settlement value for bodily injuries, and the like). Thus, it may be wise to retain experienced legal counsel when asserting a UM claim in California. As can be expected, your own insurance carrier will NOT be looking out for your best legal interests (even though you are its own insured!). Instead, quite the contrary.  

Your own carrier will be looking for ways to pay out as little money as possible in your California UM claim. In the bad event you do not have any UM coverage, you may have no other practical means of obtaining compensation for your bodily  injuries. This is why you should always carry UM coverage, preferably with limits of at least $100,000, if not more.  In fact, if you can get a $500,000.00 UM policy or a $1,000,000.00 policy even better.

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