If you carry the minimal amount of uninsured motorist coverage, you should consider increasing your coverage. If a negligent driver causes a California car accident that results in you suffering bodily injury in excess of the minimal $15,000 uninsured motorist coverage limit, you will have a few unappealing options.

You would have to either settle on the $15,000 limit or file a lawsuit against the negligent uninsured driver. However, since the negligent driver lacks insurance, you would stand a slim chance of recovering anything in a lawsuit.

Additionally, if you had passengers in your car during the California car accident, your minimal uninsured motorist coverage would pay only $30,000 for everyone. You would face a major problem, considering the cost of healthcare these days.

The solution is to increase your uninsured motorist coverage before you are involved in an accident. If you have already been in a California car accident, you probably understand this dilemma from first-hand experience.
The cost of uninsured coverage is relatively minimal, considering the benefits. If you bundle your policies with the same insurer, you may even be eligible for a discount.

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to have adequate protection in the event you clash with one of the many uninsured drivers on California roads. To learn more about uninsured motorist coverage, please visit our article library. 

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