No, it cannot!
A hospital makes bargains and contracts with different health care providers.  If your health insurance carrier covered the hospital bill in full, the hospital cannot come after more funds from you; for example, your personal injury settlement.  Why? Because the contract between your health plan is between the hospital and the health plan and has nothing to do with you. This contract takes you out of the equation, totally.  The hospital benefits under this arrangement too, because it gets cash right away from your health plan, the health plan has the hospital as a "network provider" and advertises the hospital in its own marketing brochures.  The health plan benefits as well because the hospital allows the health plan to pay much less in what was actually charged.  You see, it is a circle of benefits going on here, behind the scenes!

Here is the law on it:
Nishihama v City & County of San Francisco, 93 Cal.App.4th 298 (2001)  Hospital's right to recover on hospital lien does not extend beyond the amount it agreed to accept from insurance co as payment in full for services to the injured plaintiff. Cites and follows Hanif and extends it to private insurance context.

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