Yes, it does.

If part or all of your medical care was covered by your auto insurance under medical pay benefits, then yes, your lawyer can argue the common fund doctrine defense to lower their (medical pay) insurance lien reimbursement request from you in order to dramatically increase your net recovery in a California personal injury settlement.  This is just another reason why good California personal injury attorneys are needed on these types of issues in order to protect injured persons, and get them the most net recovery possible from a personal injury settlement!

Here is some California case law on this FAQ:

Lee v. State Farm 57 Cal.App.3d 458 (1976)
 Common fund doctrine applies to reduce a carrier's claim for med pay reimbursement by its pro rata share of plaintiff's attorneys fees and costs.

Bartlett v. Pacific National Bank 110 Cal.App.2d 683,689; Hendricks v. Superior Ct., 197 Cal.App.2d 586, 589 Attorneys contingent fee contract gives attorney a lien on his client's recovery. 37. Cetenko v. United California Bank, 30 Cal.3d 528 (1982) Statutory lien does not take precedence over a prior attorneys fee lien unless statute otherwise provides.

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