AMPUTATION INJURY: What can be done legally with an amputation injury from a California auto or motorcycle accident case?

Loss of limbs due to a California motorcycle or auto accident case are considered very serious legal cases since the loss of an important part impacts one's life in great ways.  Not to mention, the emotional trauma of a crush injury and the ultimate loss of a limb can be severe to the person suffering such a loss. Counseling may be needed to help the injured person adjust to their loss of the limb. They will also require rehabilitation services to learn how to function in a new way, and typically need a prosthetic limb to regain full function. If a child suffers an amputation injury, he or she will need new prosthetic devices every few years to keep up with their growth. These changes and counseling sessions are significant expenses, and they should not have to be covered by the victim of a California accident caused by the negligent or reckless actions of another person or entity.  The damages from a amputation injury need to properly documented both medically and by the person suffering the loss in order to be compensated appropriately when that time comes.  Remember, you only get one settlement, and for a loss of a body part, it needs to be done properly and fairly.

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