Defendant Insurance Company:  Progressive
Medical Specials:  $11,000.00
Wage Loss:  $2,000.00
Injuries:  Soft Tissue with Disc protrusion, and bulge with a positive MRI finding
Property Damage:  $15,680.00
No Gap in Care, but patient treated with 2 chiropractors; 1 for the 1st 3-4 months, then a 1.5 month gap, and then continued with another chiropractor for 3 more months!  There was one (1) Emergency visit, no admittance to hospital.
M.D. “bookended” chiropractic care on the second chiropractor only, thus no M.D. involved with first chiropractor.
AMA Impairment 5th edition:  15% WPI (5% cerv.. 5% lumb; 5% thoracic), by M.D.
Settlement:  $42,500.00, first offer was $37,000.00!  Case settled in 5 days after demand was submitted, and no need for litigation!  Progressive even offered to overnight the settlement check.


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