I was honored to have been the voice for my injured client who was in a bicycle accident up in Mount Soledad in La Jolla, California. The at-fault party clipped my client on his left side while he was pacing himself on an uphill ride. She was probably texting and not paying attention. My client was taken to the hospital and totaled his bicycle.

As sometimes happens with insurance companies, the insurance tried to settle cheap with my client by not offering anything North of a $200,000.00 on a $500,000.00 liability policy. I filed a lawsuit against the at-fault party, and proceeded with discovery and fighting the insurance company. I associated in trial co-trial counsel attorney Edward "Skip" Babbitt. He and I make a good trial team on certain cases, and we were a formidable team against insurance. We were scheduled for trial before Judge Gonzalo Curiel in downtown San Diego court. I also agreed to associated in co-trial conusel James Matthew Brown. It was agreed that Mr. Brown would handle Voir Dire (jury selection), and he did a fantastic job. We sat a "pro-plaintiff jury" and the very next day, we settled the case with the insurance company for $475,000.00!

Needless to say, this was a terrific result for the client who in the midst of trial decided to settle on that number. Trials can be risky, and that number made much more sense than the $200,000.00 offered in mediation about 3 months prior. All in all, a great result!

San Diego Superior Court Case No. #37-2011-00093816-CU-PA-CTL


Trial counsel:  Mark Blane, Esq.

Trial co-counsel:  Edward J. "Skip" Babbitt, Esq.

Trial co-counsel:  James Matthew Brown, Esq.

$475,000.00 During Jury Trial

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