A local San Diego lady was injured in a car accident that resulted in an AMA Impairment for her injuries...

San Diego AMA Impairment Attorney Mark C. Blane effectively represented a local San Diego lady when she was injured by San Diego motorist who had no insurance.  The lady sustained all soft tissue type injuries, but her injuries were still great enough to warrant an AMA Impairment finding.  More specifically, Mr. Blane was able to obtain from her treating physician a detailed medical report that found the following:

25% Whole Person Impairment:  for the cervical spine, left shoulder and lumbar spine were combined ultizing the Combine Value Chart on page 604 under the AMA 5th Edition Guidelines, DRE Method, Category III.

Needless to say, because with the AMA impairment being duly documented, Mr. Blane could now effectively argue duties under duress, and loss of enjoyment of life damages, in addition to future medical care.   Mr. Blane successfully secured a $50,000.00 policy limit settlement under UM coverage with his client's auto policy, all without the need of having to file for arbitration against his client's insurance.  "The devil is in the details" when it comes to soft tissue injury cases.

$50,000.00 Policy Limits

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