Personal Injury Defenses Used by Insurance Companies After Your California Crash

There are many personal injury defenses that insurance companies will use in attempts to minimize the value of your injury claim. One of them involves your medical care. After any serious accident you should seek medical treatment, even if you feel your injuries are minor.

Injuries that appear to be minor can flare up in hours or days. For example, a bump on the head could lead to bleeding within the brain, which could have serious or even deadly consequences. A sore knee could be a symptom of a torn ligament or damaged cartilage.

If you wait too long to seek medical care, or if you fail to maintain any medical appointments, the insurance company will use this as a personal injury defense
. Since your injuries will make up the bulk of your personal injury claim, if you do anything that will allow the insurance company to cast doubt on your injuries, you could lose credibility.

If you don't keep all of your medical appointments, a jury might get the impression you weren't really injured, you don't take your health seriously, or your injuries were the result of a pre-existing condition rather than the current California accident.

Your best bet is to follow all of your doctor's orders and consult with a San Diego personal injury lawyer in for more advice on dealing with personal injury defenses used by insurance companies.

Your San Diego personal injury lawyer can also help with negotiations to help you fight for a fair settlement. To learn more about insurance companies, please visit our article library.

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