Elements of a California Truck Wreck Investigation 

semi truck driving down san diego highway

One key element that is often needed in a truck-related accident is the skilled expertise of a truck accident reconstruction team. An experienced team will document weather and road conditions at the time of the accident; rescue, fire, and police reports will be scrutinized; logs and records kept by the trucking company(s) and contact information of the driver(s), which may or may not include further information such as log entries, or any onboard digital data recording machines; an exhaustive search of the braking system, lights, tires, and other vital components will be examined by a good expert team. All of these are vital components to the successful representation of a case involving an injury that was caused by a truck, our San Diego truck accident lawyer explains.

If someone has suffered an injury due to the direct result of a trucking-related accident, skilled representation by an experienced attorney is a definite must.

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