Defective Yamaha Rhino: Lawsuits Are Coming

The Yamaha Rhino is an (ATV) all terrain vehicle that has been targeted as a design defect product that can cause injury to consumers. Many consumers have already been badly injured in the use of the Rhino. There was a rush for Yamaha to get the Rhino to market and thus they used the chassis of the Grizzly which was an ATV it (Yamaha) already had been selling.

The problem with the Yamaha Rhino design is the very narrow wheel base, and high center of gravity which makes it more prone to roll-over type accidents. This is bad because the Rhino did not, until recently, have better safety equipment in the vehicle (like doors, or safety handles) to better assist in keeping occupant inside the vehicle. Instead, some injured consumers have suffered crushed limbs and extremities as a result.

There have already been a number of lawsuits filed against Yamaha under a design defect theory, and more lawsuits are expected. Remember, plaintiffs lawyers are consumer watchdogs that can make the market place a safer environment for all consumers. Please contact an experience product defect attorney if you or a loved one has been injured by this product.

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