Accidents & Injuries Can Happen on All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) in San Diego County:Two ATV in San Diego California and Injuries that can happen while handling them

If you are an ATV riding enthusiast, our San Diego auto accident attorney says Southern California (San Diego County) offers many opportunities to explore the countryside on these vehicles. Many enthusiasts enjoy getting away from San Diego for the weekends and riding four-wheelers, motorcycles, or Rhino off-road rough terrain vehicles in the neighboring mountains, hills, and rugged plains of Imperial County.

Or in beautiful small mountainside towns like Julian and Alpine. Don't forget about Valley Center, Escondido, San Carlos, Vista, Ocotillo Wells, and the beautiful Anza Borrego desert state park as other examples of where California all-terrain vehicle riding enthusiasts enjoy the outdoors.

Yet, as fun as some of these recreational vehicles can be, accidents do happen - San Diego ATV lawyer Mark C. Blane has extensive experience dealing with accidents that involve all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) or motorized scooters like Mopeds, Vespas, and Razors. These vehicles usually have no side doors or safety belts/harnesses to protect a rider from injury or death.

This makes it extremely important that a California ATV rider use extreme caution when operating these vehicles. ATV accident injuries and deaths have unfortunately increased over the years, according to published Consumer Product Safety Commission reports for the ninth year straight. Some of these statistical findings blame ATV manufacturers and marketers.

There are many types of Causes that can lead to injury and death in Outdoor ATV (4-wheeler) Recreational vehicle accidents in the State of California:

Here are some causes you should be aware of when it comes to ATVs:

1. Careless and reckless driving (including drunk driving);
2. Faulty ATV mechanical repair work (usually goes undetected until injury or death);
3. Heavier and much more powerful ATV models and engines are being produced and marketed without proper warnings, instructions, and manuals;
4. Manufacturer or Malfunctioning ATV parts, also collectively known as "ATV Manufacturing Defects" (usually requires an expert witness to analyze to see what defect existed);
5. Simple lack of safety features on the ATV vehicle providing ample protection;
6. Top heavy designs leading to roll-over type ATV accidents (like the Yamaha Rhino);
7. Inadequate tread or poor traction on ATV wheels/tires;
8. Other negligent 4-wheelers or ATV riders nearby that contribute to or cause an injury or death accident.

Too often, 4-wheelers, ATVs, Pedestrian Razors, Vespas, and moped accidents involve serious bodily injuries, permanent impairment to body part(s), or catastrophic injuries, including death, that will need to be handled and navigated by an experienced San Diego California ATV Recreational Vehicle Accident Attorney.

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