Chula Vista Attorney Warns Against Personal Injury Defenses After Your Accident

If you are not completely honest with your Chula Vista attorney, the insurance companies will use your dishonesty as a personal injury defense. You should always keep in mind that insurance companies are in the business of making money and will do everything in their power to hold onto it.

If you haven't told your Chula Vista attorney about any past medical conditions, for example, the insurance company will find out and make the assumption your injuries may be several years old
. To counter this personal injury defense, you should keep medical records explaining the details of past medical issues as well as your current medical issues.

In the event that your past medical condition was aggravated by the accident, you should have proof from your doctor. An experienced Chula Vista attorney can help you gather this evidence.

It's important you speak with your lawyer before you speak with any insurance company representatives. Your lawyer might ask some very personal, invasive questions and you need to be truthful. Any contradictory statements could be the basis for an insurer's personal injury defense.

Your personal injury lawyer will help you prepare a solid case to pursue the compensation you deserve after a California accident. Please visit our article library to learn more about how insurance companies will attempt to harm your claim.

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