Attorney Mark C. Blane sits down and explains why he wrote his legal help book for victims of slip and falls in California. What many people don't realize is these types of injury claims can be difficult to navigate due to issues in liability that inherently exist in the claim.  For example, did you know some California injury attorneys do not like these types of cases due to the fact that the defense usually has "higher ground" to defend the claim - they like to argue "notice" defenses which essentially means the evidence is weak that the at-fault property had adequate time to not only realize the danger that caused the slip or trip and fall, but to remedy the danger in time. Many stores and property owners are utilizing "sweep logs" to help show they did everything in their power to look for the dangerous debris or spill that caused the fall injury. However, just because a retail store or business carries sweep logs it does not necessarily mean they have done everything in their power to prevent the unfortunate accident. Get Mark Blane's free Slip & Fall injury book for California victims today! He lays it all out for you in straight forward terms - the book is available through this website! Or simply call him at (619) 813-7955.