Meet Ana. She was going down the 78 Freeway in Vista when she got side-swiped by an elderly driver who was insured by State Farm. Although the elderly driver was at-fault per the property damage location to both cars, the elderly driver claimed another "phantom vehicle" came out of nowhere and hit her back end causing her to sideswipe Ana.
Keep in mind, when the CHP officer arrived on the scene, the elderly driver made no mention to him about being hit by a "phantom vehicle." Ana does not remember any phantom vehicle as well. Nonetheless, this did not stop State Farm from denying fault which triggered a lawsuit response by me. Eventually we got the case settled for Ana's injuries, which included a surgery, and lost wages. 

Insurance Company Cannot Be Trusted After a Motorcycle Accident 

The lesson here is that the insurance company is not on your side. They will look at any little angle to either defend, delay or deny, like here, your injury claim. You need an experienced lawyer that can handle the defense "smoke screens" that go up from time-to-time. You need a lawyer that can anticipate the defense's next moves, and can move swiftly in the courts to obtain your legal right to justice for your injuries.

San Diego Injury Trial Lawyer

Being an injury trial lawyer requires lots of practice. I have been serving the community of San Diego since 1999 helping people fight the insurance companies and their "unfounded defenses." So, I have a ton of practice, and will march forward into litigation when the insurance company stops making sense with their defense strategy and tactics. Just think, if the insurance company would have done the right thing, from the very beginnin in Ana's case, we would not have need to waste time, energy and money on a lawsuit. But, that is what makes my job the great equalizer, and it is the only mechanism we have in place to hold the insurance companies accountable for their defense tactics. 
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