Maria was traveling through an intersection near 42nd Street and University in a San Diego neighborhood, when an inattententive driver negligently ran a red light striking her on her Moped Scooter. This caused both property damage and bodily injuries. She needed medical care, and became worried who would pay for these medical bills. Especially when the other party began to blame her for the accident.

Luckily she found me and I took on her case. The other party was not taking responsibility. There were no indenpendent witnesses, only a police report. The police officer, like in many cases, did not witness what occurred. The insurance company was trying to say that it would be impossible to determine fault on these facts. However, we did have something: the property damage locations and Maria's word. I assured Maria the truth would come out. Either before a lawsuit, or before a jury. Eventually the insurance company saw the risk of a lawsuit and decided to take responsibilty. Sometimes a good lawyer is needed in order to make sure the truth is found. For Maria, she is happy she got her health back, and her case settled amicably.

I am proud to have been her voice for her accident case. Should you have questions on your injury case, please feel free to call me at (619) 813-7955.

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