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San Diego California accident attorney Mark Blane discusses whether a store or property owner where a slip and fall injury occurs is required to give an accident report to the injured slip and fall person - there is no legal requirement but Mark discusses some tips on what you can do to better protect yourself should you find yourself in a slip and fall situation on some business/commercial property. Mark generally gets questions like these often - people call him from all over the state of California regarding their particular situation with their particular slip and fall case. Not always are injured folks of slip and falls advised of the process of the store owner or property owner taking down an accident report and certainly they are not further advised of whether or not they can have a copy. They are also not advised as to whether they are allowed a copy or not. Usually the store or property owner say "no." This video also briefly goes over some of the things you can do to protect yourself with your smart phone if you are ever injured in a slip and fall or trip and fall situation. Since technology is ever changing and the abilities of a smart phone [iphone] are getting smaller and more complex, it is always nice to know, if you carry a smart phone, that you have a built video camera system that you carry with you ALWAYS. Mark is finding more and more slip and fall clients able to take either a photo or video of the hazard or spill they slipped on - always good for evidence on their particular injury case.

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