Dr. Brian Clement, Ph.D., president of the Hippocrates Institute in Florida, discusses a general nutritional diet plan for optimal health for humans. 5% of your diet should be complete digestable protein, 90% of your diet should come from carbohydrates like vegetables, sprouted grains/beans, and the remaining 5% should come from healthy fats. This is a 90/5/5 ratio among the 3 nutrients contained in food (protein, carbs, and fats).  He advocates this general scheme at his institute with close supervision. I agree that we all should take responsibility to educating ourselves in what ratio our body calls for in relation to proteins, fats and carbs. However, this entails that people educate themselves as to what constitutes a good and health protein, carb, and fat source. Without each of us taking responsibility for this sacred ratio, it means we are destined to not knowing are bodies from within which is really the solid foundation for ultimate health and longevity. For more information on Dr. Clement, Ph.D., you can check him out online at www.hippocratesinst.org. Fair Use Disclaimer: This video is posted under the Fair Use Doctrine codified in Title 17 of the U.S.C. Section 107 to serve the general public soley as educational, commentary, discussionary and/or for critque purposes in order to memorialize or preserve an experience/event, or a cultural phenomenon. 

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