Effective quality emergency medical care does not simply start in the hospital emergency room – it starts at the scene of a major traffic crash with the team of individuals trained in saving lives. This preparedness comes from the need to protect us all on the roadways following a major collision.

This video shows a Mercy Air Life Flight helicopter landing on a major Interstate (Interstate 5) in Oceanside, California. The location of this collision was near Las Pulgas Road on Northbound Interstate 5 highway, just North of Oceanside, California. Traffic was immediately shut down in the Northbound lanes to accomodate this medical response.

This video is an important safety reminder on why it is so vital to follow the safe driving rules at all times for all motorists. The very same driving rules we were all taught as children and teenagers when we first got our license to drive in California.

We share the roadways with different types of vehicles from motorcyclists, sedans, trucks and heavy weight freight trucks. Large and small we all depend on one another to follow the same safe driving rules to prevent crashes like this captured in this video.

Safety Reminder:

When driving, always remember to continually check your mirrors, obey the speed limit, and do you best to never get distracted. This is even more important the more traffic there is on the freeway. One missed second of safety can cause a major collision, and can result in major injuries or even death. This is why all of us depend on the same safe driving rules codified into law in every state. In California, they are codified in the Californie Vehicle Code. They are important. We entrust our civil jurors to enforce these same rules when we go to trial on an injury case. Without enforcement of these rules by jurors, our social contract of safety "goes flying out the window." Remember your safety rules. Embrace their importance and stay safe out there.

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