Once you get injured by someone who violated a safety rule, and you file your injury claim, the battle against the insurance company has only just begun. The insurance companies are always protecting their "bottom line," and so they hire smart defense adjusters and attorneys to try to defeat your injury claim from the very onset. The best way to combat this is by approaching the battlefield with an experienced personal injury lawyer of your own.

Is Your Injury Lawyer "Battle-Tested"?

Everything you do from the moment you file your injury claim mirrors exactly what occurs in a war or battle. Defense strategies and tactics are immediately deployed to see if they can either eliminate or devalue your injury claim. This is why it is so important to make sure your lawyer has been "battled tested in the trial." Or, is your lawyer more of a diplomat who only has experience settling injury cases during "peace talks?" This video explains why you need an experienced warrior (trial lawyer) who has been battled-tested to go up against these defense strategies and tactics the insurance company routinely uses against you and your injury case.

Remember, Flavius, a famous Roman author once said, "If you want peace, you must prepare for war." Your lawyer needs to have the experience to navigate every defense tactic that I explain in this video. You only get one shot a favorable result for your injury case, and you do not want to waste that one shot. 

Insurance Company May Devalue Your Injury Claim

After years of successfully going against the insurance companies and their hired defense lawyer guns, I have learned a thing or two as to what they deploy to immediately defeat or devalue your injury claim. It starts in the beginning of your case all the way through trial and closing arguments. 50% of a defense lawyer's job is just showing up at trial to provide a counterargument. See how they employ this in the defense agendas I reveal in this video. 

What you need is a fair fight with the insurance company, and you certainly do not want them to take advantage of you or your injury lawyer. This video will give you insight into what to expect, and if you have a lawyer now, you can review with him or her what they are going to do about certain defense tactics I talk about in the video. One of the reasons I did this video is to educate the general audience on what I see on the front lines every day taking on these injury cases. Knowledge is potential power they say; it is only potential power until it is utilized. 

Stay strong, Attorney Mark

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