I was out jogging on Coronado beach just across the bay from San Diego and ran into US Navy Seal trainees getting into physical shape doing what is called getting “sandy and wet” drills. Check out the video I put together above. They came tearing out of the sand dunes on my left right in the middle of my jog! These warriors are BUDS (Basic Underwater Demolition Seal training) candidates, and this program is one of the toughest, and most respected, in the world. Just mention the word “Navy Seal” and most people know exactly what you are talking about.
From day one, these candidates are instructed on the stoic philosophy of preparedness. I suspect in their classrooms they discuss Flavius, a famous Roman author from the 4th Century AD, who once said, “If one desires peace, one must PREPARE for war.” In Latin, that goes, “Si vis pacem, para bellum,” in case you were wondering. First, you first prepare right, and then you continually prepare, prepare, and then prepare some more.

US Navy Seal Training Principles Related to Your Injury

You see, preparedness through continued proper training is exactly what a good injury lawyer does for your injury case. Like the US Navy Seals, we have to prepare your injury case as if it is going to trial, right from the beginning. We do not wait until the end. An experienced injury lawyer can size up a case quickly, and that only comes from years of experience of being prepared on other injury cases, before your injury even occurred.
Preparedness is a key principle in navigating your injury case through the minefields of the defense mines. We, experienced injury lawyers, have to prepare and anticipate the defense tactics. We have to develop an overall case strategy and employ an offense that gains momentum while anticipating what the defense will do. This is done by tactical legal skills. Remember, the defense is a static position, moving most of the time slow, but we have to be careful that they do not try to outflank us or surprise us with a counter-attack. We have to be prepared for all of it, all of the time.
So, watching those fellows running on the beach getting “sandy and wet” reminded me that is what I am doing for all of my injured clients. Staying prepared on their case by being their voice in their time of need. Advocating for their cause with diligence, efficiency, and preparedness.
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