In this video podcast, I have the privilege of being interviewed by Dr. Jeffrey Cronk with Spinal Kinetics in New Richmond, Wisconsin. We get down to business and "talk shop" on ligament injuries and why they are so vital to any injury case to protect claim value. The insurance companies will not give an injured person credit or damage value unless these injuries are not only diagnosed but effectively documented in terms of how they affect the injured person. 

Ligament Instability - Damage:

Most people don't realize the human spine is comprised of over 100 intricate joints that are held together by over 220 specialized ligaments, 23 of which are bony discs. These longitudinal ligaments run down the back (posterior chain) in the human body. Add to the fact that most people have weak back muscles as compared to 100 years ago - and have neglected their posterior (back) muscles. It is common for the average person to be unable to lift or pull their own body weight into a pull-up.

Given this, most people are already walking around with an unstable back, and they get into a car crash, or a slip and fall injury. It is no wonder that their soft tissue (muscle) injury moves into what is called ligament damage -also known as "ligament laxity," or the fancy medical name "loss motion segment integrity." Once your ligaments are affected, it takes a longer time to heal because there is less blood flow going into ligament tissue than muscle tissue. The blood flow is important as it gives nutrients to the joints and injured tissues. This will create a longer physical therapy period or chiropractic involvement to get proper motion back. However, if it is not objectively proven that you have such an injury, it will go unnoticed.

Importance of Effective Documentation of Ligament Damage

Therefore, it is extremely important that your ligament injury gets effectively documented in your case. Unfortunately, ligament injuries are sometimes missed altogether in the chart notes, or, if they are caught, they are not effectively documented. Without the crucial documentation, you will not receive credit or value for your ligament damages. Ligament damage can be permanent, and it is vital that this damage is evaluated under the AMA guidelines for any impairment. An AMA impairment is one of the biggest value drivers in an injury case, and it is the most objective way to tell your injury story to a judge or jury.

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