A former client of mine sent me his dashcam video footage of a near miss from someone running a red light on a Texas highway. As you can see, this was a near miss! Good thing he reacted quickly and had a camera installed in his car. 

If this had happened in California, it would have been a violation of California Vehicle Code Section 21453. These are dangerous choices and juries despise them more than rear-enders. 


There are four items a California driver needs to consider when it comes to red lights:

1. All drivers must stop at red lights;

2. A driver can turn right on circular red lights, as long as there is no posted sign to the contrary not allowing it, and you still must come to a complete stop first;

3. A driver can turn left on circular red lights, but only from a one-way street to another one-way street, and you must come to a complete stop first; and,

4. A driver must stop at a steady red arrow signal at all times.


If a driver chooses to run a red light, they can face a fine for the violation that ranges from $35.00 to well over $100.00, plus court costs, fees and other assessments. The driver will receive one point on his or her DMV driving record.

The more points you accumulate on your driving record within a given three year period is not good as you could face losing your drivers' license and being dropped from an auto insurance company. So, you want to avoid getting what is called a "negligent operator license supsension." You get this if you get 4 points in any 12 month period, 6 points in a 24 month periof or 8 points in a 36 month period. 

Beyond points on your DMV record, and your insurance going up, you run the risk of harming those other drivers on the roadway.  This is a 100% preventable collision.

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