Sometimes you need to present your injury case for a jury, or in anticipation of a jury trial. Usually such settings can include a settlement conference with a judge, or a mediation. Consider hiring a collision reconstructionist that can translate his or her findings into virtual reconstruction of the preventable collision. Such animations can communicate the mechanism of injury in a much better way than oral testimony and two-dimensional paper. 

In this case, I utilized the help of an expert who examined the police report, statements from witnesses, deposition testimony, and photographs taken by the California Highway Patrol in order to animate what most likely occured at the moment of the collision. This collision involved ten different vehicles, and it occcured in June 2013 on the Interstate 15 freeway Northbound, inside the Mira Mesa Blvd. exit ramp. It was early morning rush hour, and a Ford F-650 (large truck) plowed through several vehicles before rear-ending a work truck (Ford F-450) where my client was a passenger not anticipating a collision. The force of the collision caused him to have back and neck injuries which resulted in a one-level disc fusion surgery in the L-4-5 region of his spine. It caused an "annular tear" of the disc.

One issue in the case was "where did the impact" to my client's truck really occur? This video by my expert does an excellent job in showing more likely than not what really happened on that fateful day to my client. It shows the mayhem that occurred to all vehicles. With this video, we were able to settle this case just 3 weeks short of a jury trial. 

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