This book was thoroughly researched and written by sleep scientist, Dr. Matthew Walker, PhD, with the University of California in Berkeley. He lays the foundation for the importance of sleep backed by a ton of studies. We all have been taught to get a good night's sleep, but have we really been taught why it is important? Dr. Walker tells us that not getting proper and enough sleep affects our health to a great degree. In fact, not getting 7-9 hours per night can increase the risk of all sorts of disease, including cancer. 

For example, not getting proper sleep for more than week can start showing signs in your body that you are pre-diabetic. Dr. Walker warns us of how coffee, sedatives and alcohol go against the natural build up of adenosine in the blood, to put on a natural sleep pressure before we go to bed - and  how those substances negatively interfere with that natural build up hampering a good night's rest. 

I have a lot of clients who are injured, and Dr. Walker shows us how proper sleep helps heal both the body and the brain. Each night the brain cleans itself while in deep sleep. He shines lights on why we should sleep between 9 and 10 pm until we wake up naturally (without an alarm), but rather, with the birds. Daily interruptions of an alarm are not healthy especially when we are asleep. 

This book will change your life in how you perceive sleep. What it is and why it is so vital to our lives - Dr. Walker touches upon dreaming, and why we dream. How dreams help detoxify our psyche from the day's events and sorts the memories, much like a computer, from the days events and all the past events the brain keeps locked away. 

It is a well written book, and I like the way he organized it. I have always known about the importance of sleep, but now, after reading this book, I am solid in my foundations as to why it is important, and I try my best to tell others. Especially my injured clients who need a good night's rest the most.

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To this end, thanks for reading, and go get a good night's sleep!

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