Robert was hit hard from the rear in this car collision near El Cajon, California. We all know that is our greatest fear on the roadway - Getting rear-ended when we least expect it, because we are trapped, and can't do anything about it. We depend on our fellow motorists to follow the rules of the road just like they depend on us to do the same.

Robert found me soon after this collision, and I represented him for the duration of the case. We had to file a lawsuit but we eventually settled for the policy limits. It took some time and patience, but with anything that is worth a good final outcome, time is usually needed to get it done right. 

This video illustrates Robert's view of my legal services for his case. This is what I do everyday in my law practice here in San Diego. I represent ordinary people who have been injured due to the unsafe choices of others. This ranges from car collision cases, to dog bites, slip and falls, and sometimes, product defect cases.

Whenever a person makes an unsafe choice that injures another, that person must be held accountable for his or her actions. This is the glue that holds a safe society together. It is the dependence on our safety rules that allows us all to experience life in the safest way possible, free from a preventable injury. My job is to make sure there are consequences to any unsafe choice, and if needed, with the supervision of the court through a lawsuit.

Call me today or download one of my free injury guides if you, or someone you care about, have been injured by another's unsafe choice. My phone is (619) 813-7955.

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