My initial thoughts were that the car was going to explode, and that is when I started over-reacting and I just wanted to get out of the car. It was around 8 pm and we were driving on the 5 Freeway North. There was a police car just swerving to stop traffic. I remember looking in my rear-view mirror, and I saw a car coming and I remember thinking, well, it looks like they are coming pretty fast…and before I knew it, it had hit us, and I was just in shock. The ambulance and the fire truck came and we went to the hospital. About two days later, (I had) a sore stomach, and just pain and bruising. I was very stressed at first. Working full time, and going to school full time, and I figured I had to miss work, and I did not have money for my co-payments, and so I did not know how I was going to do it.

When we first met Mark it felt like very familiar – like we had known him for a long time. Within 10 minutes we knew we were going to stay with Mark. He was very open to any questions…there was no pressure (with him). He was like here is my information, here is what I can do for you, and whenever you are ready, if you would like to, I would like to help you. He did tell us just to give him all the (medical) bills, he would be able to help us to deal with the insurance, and the other person’s insurance. We did not have to deal with anything. He did contact us also often just to see how we were doing, to see if we were feeling better – how our doctor visits were going, etc. So that was really cool that he was taking the time to be more personal. I don’t think I would have received what I did if it had not been for Mark. He will try his best to get what you deserve.

Leslie Ibarra, Past Client, January 23, 2016