As we were on the 5 North Freeway, we saw that traffic was being stopped by a police officer, the lady behind us did not see that the traffic had stopped and she ran into us at her full speed, rear-ending us, and also causing some major injuries to the car and to us. The damage was severe…all of the back was pushed in and eventually the car was a total loss. I immediately felt back pain and neck pain. Our friend recommended Mark’s services, and we immediately called him. He made the communication between my friend and I very comfortable…very easy. He used terms that we understood. Mark took care of everything for us – he made all the calls, he contacted the insurance, which was a relief for us because we were still recuperating from the physical damages that we suffered. I definitely would recommend Mark. He is a very professional attorney, he knows what he is doing, he makes you feel confident and comfortable, and he takes care of your case.

Isaura Islas, Past Client, San Diego, CA January 22, 2016