"My name is Gerardo Del Campo, and I have been doing workers’ compensation law with The Law Offices of Dennis Dascanio since August 1991. We have been working with Mark Blane doing personal injury cases. We want our clients to have the best representation, and Mark is a very professional and very knowledgeable attorney. He gets very good results from cases that do not look very good from the get-go. Settlements that I have seen him doing for some of our clients have been really good. Really good. Mark is extremely attentive and positive, and he is very honest, and I have been really happy with his representation. Most of them are only Spanish speaking individuals who need the assistance of an attorney that can understand them, and communicate directly with them. Mark speaks very good Spanish, and his website also has very good information in Spanish, and he is extremely responsible…he calls people back immediately…he responds to emails right away…he pretty much gives his cell phone number to everybody. Mark is very professional and very responsive, and knowledgeable attorney, handles the cases properly and he knows the law very well, and knows what angles to use to help our clients as a result."

Gerardo Del Campo, San Diego Workers' Compensation Hearing Representative