"I have worked with Mark on several cases, and as a personal injury attorney he has got some expertise that I don’t, and I have found that he is an excellent communicator, excellent attorney and everyone of my clients that I have referred him to have been very very satisfied. I really appreciate the way he speaks, not just to fellow attorneys, but also to clients. And he never tries to talk over them, he listens, he talks at the level for a person who is not an attorney can understand, and I really appreciate that. I want my clients to understand that I care about their needs, and I care about their issue…Mark has the same values as we do, and the client benefits by having a very competent, a very zealous attorney for their case. Mark has been excellent with my clients. I like having that relationship with him, and like I said, I have always had clients who come back to me and were very thankful that I was able to put them into contact with someone like Mark."

Carlsbad Attorney Bruno Flores, August 14, 2015