“I thought I would honestly be okay, but it turns out that I really, really was not. At about 6:30 in the morning, I was going to work on the 8 Freeway Westbound, I stopped, and this kid, he hit me…it was a pretty good smack. It was really in the following days, that I started realizing that I was not feeling so good, I realized that I had a tear, where the seatbelt came up on the tendon. Gosh, it still hurts. And, the young man who hit me, only had minimal limits (insurance), so no matter how badly I was hurt, that was all there was.

Mark really stepped up for me, and put together a demand package, and he really saved me in doing that. Without his help, I certainly would not have been able to sustain myself and recover. You know it is not just about the money for him…you know it is not about, bang, bang, see you later. You know, it is not like that, it is more personable. So, it is now going to be all okay, and we are moving on to bluer skies.”

Scott Moree, Car Collision Client, Alpine, California, November 23, 2017