When it comes to a San Diego Workers Compensation Injury you have to be mindful of two types of injuries.   These include a "specific" type work injury, and the other is called a "cumulative" type injury.  They are only important in terms of difference, but this can have both negative and impacts on your potential San Diego work comp accident.

Just Remember the Following:
A specific type  work related accident includes an injury during your job that is identifiable and immediate.  For example, if you deliver pizzas and you get into a car accident, well that is certainly a specific type of accident that caused you injury on the job.  So specific job injuries are easy to I.D. and they are usually obvious as to how you were injured.

A cumulative type work related accident is an injury where  the cause of the injury is not as easy to identify, and it is not as immediate in terms of time.  For example, if you type a lot at work, and you develop carpel tunnel syndrome, then this is obviously an injury that took some time to develop, and it usually takes a medical doctor to identify in terms of causation.  So cumulative type work injuries are not easy to I.D., and they are not very obvious in terms of the cause.

What Does the Above Mean In Terms of your San Diego Work Comp Case?
Well, for starters, any specific type injury is usually not as scrutinized by the defense because they tend to be more obvious in terms of causation of injuries.  This is not to say that if you have a cumulative type injury you cannot have a valid San Diego work comp claim.  Not at all. Cumulative injuries are valid claims under the California Labor Code; all I am saying is they tend to be reviewed in more detail because the defense can usually find pre-existing excuses or identify things you do in your daily routine (apart from the work day) that either aggravate a cumulative injury or exacerbate one.  Thus, just be mindful, that a specific type work injury are less open to defense scrutiny, generally speaking, than cumulative ones.  This is analysis is coming from my legal experience as both a personal injury and work comp injury lawyer.