Solana Beach is a city in San Diego CountyCalifornia that contains a population of approximately 13,783 at the 2010 census.  The neighborhood of Eden Gardens (also known as "La Colonia"), is one of the oldest residential areas of Solana Beach.  It  was a community formed in the 1920's by migrant Mexican farmers who were hired by the owners of large ranches in Rancho Santa Fe. These farmers wanted their families nearby where they would work, and thus, the formation of La Colonia (the colony). The English name "Eden Gardens" came later from a land developer who thought it would be a good marketing tool to use the name. Many residents still refer to the area as La Colonia since it was the first name used. A famous resident includes comedian Rene Sandoval who were born and raised in the community.

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The following is quick video in which Attorney Mark C. Blane explains where in San Diego County he usually represents injured folk: