Almost anyone involved in a San Diego auto accident could potentially suffer a back or spinal cord injury. A serious injury to the back or sensitive nerves in the spine could have a dramatic impact on someone's quality of life. Spinal cord injuries are complex and life-altering, and every case is different. If you've been injured in an accident, contact a San Diego spinal cord injury lawyer to schedule a no-cost consultation about your case.

Overview of Spinal Cord Injuries from a San Diego Auto Accident

A spinal cord injury typically occurs when the spine is subjected to blunt force trauma, a sudden blow to the vertebrae that dislocates or fractures one of the discs. When the disc material, bone fragments, or ligaments tear or bruise the tissue of the spinal cord, an injury occurs.

In most cases, vertebrae are compressed or fractured, mangling the nerve cell extensions responsible for sending and receiving messages and impulses from the brain to the rest of the body through the spinal cord.

In some instances, the spinal cord is severed completely, resulting in paralysis below the location of injury and lack of sensation. In partial or incomplete injuries, the spinal cord is still able to relay messages in some form, with some sensory or motor function below the injury. In most cases of partial or complete injuries, survivors are subject to chronic pain, bladder and bowel dysfunction, and increased risk of heart and respiratory complications.

A serious San Diego accident that results in a spinal cord injury is a life-changing tragedy, and can not only force injured accident victims to adapt their entire lives around their injury, but also bury them in debt in order to pay for expensive surgeries, treatments, and medical devices.  Contact a San Diego spinal cord injury lawyer to discuss what options you have after your accident.

Affects of Treatment for a Spinal Cord Injury after a San Diego Accident

Emergency care for spinal cord injury has evolved in the past few years, allowing for more effective responses to spinal cord injuries when they are treated soon after the time of injury. Aggressive treatment options and innovative rehabilitation techniques have been proven to minimize the impact to the nervous system and restore certain limited functions.

A drug called methylprednisolone, a certain type of steroid, has been shown to reduce the damage to the nerves if administered inside the first 8 hours after the spinal cord injury is sustained. In addition, physical therapy and skill-enriched activities focus on restoring function and learning to adapt around limited function. Psychological counseling is advised for emotional, psychological, and social support.

While you can still have a full life after your injury, these treatments can be expensive. For instance, respiratory problems plague those with serious spinal cord injuries - over 30% of victims with an injury to the neck will need sustained respiratory support, which can include costly devices and procedures.

If you were injured in an accident that was not your fault, you should not be responsible for shouldering the financial burden of your recovery. A San Diego spinal cord injury lawyer with experience in dealing with accidents that result in back, neck, and spinal cord injuries can guide you through the claims process and fight for the funds you deserve for your injuries.

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