What is the least amount of insurance allowable under California law for car insurance including Uninsured Motorist (UM) coverage?

California law allows $15,000.00 per person, and $30,000.00 aggregate as the least
amount a person can purchase for Uninsured Motorist Coverage.  This means you have $15,000.00 for you or any one person injured, and $30,000.00 for two or more injured persons (aggregate).  Since this is true, having the least amount allowable by law, also known as "state minimal limits," can work against you in a car accident in the following ways:

1.  if the other party has no insurance, you are limited to only $15,000.00 for your own bodily injury claim;

2.  if you have medical bills in excess of $15,000.00, you are forced to either settle on the limits, or sue the other party directly; however, if the other party had no insurance, then statistically the chances of the other party having assets or other coverage to go after diminishes dramatically;

3.  if you have more than two people in your car, all injured, you are limited to only $30,000.00 for everyone; again, if medical bills get expensive, this becomes a major problem;

The Solution:

1.  You should periodically check your auto policy limits and increase them as soon as you are able to so you are not just having California "state minimal limits" uninsured motorist (um) coverage; as soon as your budget allows, you should increase it as you owe to yourself and your family for this important protection;

2.  If you bundle your policies under one insurance company, you can sometimes obtain a discount.  For example, Triple AAA allows umbrella insurance, home owners insurance, and recreational vehicle insurance under one policy for a discount; you should inquire as to any discounts.  Sometimes professionals, or teachers and the military get other insurance discounts.

I have seen too many cases become bad cases because my client either failed to have uninsured motorist coverage all together, or my client only had California State Minimal Limits. Do not let this happen to you!