What should you know about roadway defects and California ATV & motorcycle accidents?  A small percentage of California ATV & motorcycle accidents are caused by roadway defects, such as potholes or uneven paving in the road surface. Thus, all ATV riders or recreational vehicle drivers should pay heed - inadequate or unsafe roadways can present a problem and contribute to bodily injuries!

Roads, by California law, are required to be safely designed and maintained (by the government entities like city and county). Road defects that cause serious accidents can include curves that are too tight, unevenly paved roads,  missing signage, lack of maintenance or poor urban planning. I have successfully brought claims against the state of California and other government entities liable for motorcycle accidents caused by improperly maintained or designed roadways. I am able retain a host of investigators and experts, including design experts, surveyors, illumination and warning experts to determine liability for a motorcycle accident. These details need to be explored if you or a loved one has been injured in a California motorcycle accident. Other factors of why the road surface caused the accident and resulting injury are also explored in great detail.

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