In order to be successful in proving liability against a landlord for a dog bite injury in California, you need to prove the following elements:

1.  The landlord knew of the dog being on the premises of the property in which he or she was renting to the owner of the dog;

2. The landlord also was aware of the dangerous propensities of the dog that caused the bite injury;

These elements can be difficult to prove due to inefficiency of documenting evidence soon after a dog owned by a renter has bitten someone causing bodily injury.  Evidence is sometimes destroyed or rearranged too.  It is crucial you obtain all witness information quickly in order to help satisfy the elements against a landlord that knew a dangerous dog was living in his or her rented properties.

California law makes landlords take responsibility for the reasonable inspection of their properties; and if a dangerous dog could have been discovered upon reasonable inspection, you still need to prove the landlord knew of the danger the dog posed being on said property. An experienced California dog bite injury attorney can help with a case that involves a negligent landlord.