If you have a San Diego workers' compensation case, one item you need to know about is permanent disability.  Simply said, it means you have a lasting disability or impairment to the function of a particular body part or part(s).  It is extremely important to your San Diego work comp case because the result or amount of any permanent disability is considered the foundation of value of your entire San Diego work comp case.

What Doctor Determines if I have a Permanent Disability, and, If I do, How Much?

If you are represented by a San Diego work comp attorney, then your AME medical doctor will write the amount of your permanent disability, if any, in what is called a P&S medical report. 
Alternatively, if you are not represented by a San Diego work comp attorney, then you would choose on your own (from a listing panel) a QME medical doctor who will write the amount of your permanent disability, if any, in the P&S medical report.

What is the Big Deal with the P&S Medical Report with my Work Comp Case?

Well, if you are interested in making sure your San Diego work comp case is being protected in terms of any future medical care, life pension, and ultimately claim value under the California Labor Code, then you need to be aware of the power and influence of any permanent disability rating in your San Diego work comp case.  You need to know if you are receiving a permanent disability rating (percentage amount) and to which body part.  You also need to know how that or to what degree that permanent disability rating affect your job function or job duties in the job field where you experienced you work injury.  California uses a formula to determine your work comp claim value tied to this and the disability rating.  You see, you do not get pain and suffering damages in a work comp case.  You only get pain and suffering damages in a personal injury case, or what is known as a civil case (when you go after someone for injuries who is not connected to your employer).  This is an entirely different discussion.  The goal with this article is limited to making sure an injured worker knows about what a permanent disability rating is on his or her California work injury claim, and why it is important to know about.  You should consult your  work comp lawyer, or, if you have no work comp lawyer, find a good one, and ask for more details about permanent disability in your specific work comp injury case.