60. Empire Healthchoice Assurance v. McVeigh, 547 U.S. 677 (2006)

In reimbursement action brought by insurance co. insuring fed. employees under FEHBA, Court held that no federal jurisdiction existed. Additionally, Court strongly implied that since a personal injury action was a creature of state law, reimbursement issues in such an action could also be resolved pursuant to state law as long as such law did not violate any federal law in the statute.


61. Weston Reid LLC v. AIG (2009) 174 Cal.App.4th 940

A UM/UIM recovery is not subject to the provisions of the Hospital Lien Act. 62. Gilman v. Dalby (2009) 176 Cal.App.4th 606

In addressing a medical factoring company’s lien against a personal injury case, ct held that an attorney’s subsequent lien for fees and costs takes priority over the prior medical lien. “...we conclude that, as a matter of public policy, a medical lien against the recovery in a personal injury lawsuit is not equal in equity to an attorney lien for fees and costs created by a retainer agreement to litigate the lawsuit.”


62. 21st Century Ins. Co. v. Superior Court of San Diego County (Quintana, real party) (2009) 47 Cal.4th 511

Attorneys fees and costs cannot be considered in applying the make whole defense to insurance reimbursement. Constructively overrules Chong, #44 above).


63. Longaberger Co. v. Kolt, 586 F.3d 459 (6th Cir. 459)6th Cir.

Held a law firm liable for non-payment of client’s ERISA lien on theories of constructive trust and equitable lien from firm’s attorneys fees earned in the case. Rejected argument by attorney that his attorneys fee lien was a charging lien entitled to priority. NOTE WELL—this case has been followed by a Sacramento federal district court in AC Houston v. Berg (12/9/09) in holding attorney liable to ERISA plan out of its fees, despite Gentner case (#14 above). AC Houston v. Berg reversed—see # 65 below.


64. Lopez v. Daimler-Chrysler (2009) 179 Cal.App.4th 1373

Court followed Bolanos (#53) and Lima (#53A) in affirming reduction of Medi-Cal lien based upon the apportionment formula from Ahlborn (#40). Applied new W&I 14124.76.


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