The quaint city of Escondido is located in California, just  to the north of the city of San Diego. The name means "hidden" in Spanish—it is located in a shallow valley circled by rocky hills which makes it appear "hidden."  The city was founded in the year 1888, which makes it one of the oldest cities in San Diego County. The city has an estimated population of approximately 144,831.  A nationwide study completed in 2005 ranked Escondido number 11 out of 25 of the most conservative cities in the United States.  The small community of Valley Center is located just north of the city of Escondido. Valley View Casino, a popular North County gaming casino, is owned by the San Pasqual Band of Diegueno Mission Indians, and it too is located in Valley Center, California.

Attorney Mark C. Blane has regularly represented the folks of Escondido, California for bodily injuries due to the negligence of others.  He is able to either meet injured residents of Escondido at his downtown San Diego law office, or travel to meet them at their home, work or local coffee shop.  He also has FREE books  for anyone before the hire a lawyer, speak to a claims adjuster, or sign any legal forms relating to any accident/injury.

The following is a video Mr. Blane produce explaining where he can travel to meet and retain clients: