Please note that there are a number of early articles on Colossus, written by the programmers themselves, prior to ownership of Colossus by CSC.  The following are important resources in order to learn more about the Colossus Computer Program:

1. Daengdej, Lukose, Tsui, Beinat, Prophet. Dynamically Creating Indices for Two Million Cases: A Real World Problem. Advances in Case Based Reasoning, p. 105, Springer (1996).

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4. ADS (1989) Reference Manual, AION Development System, Aion Corporation.

5. Colossus Development Updates an “Unfinished Document” Noted as “Last
Modified 12th August 1992.” Publicly released to Professor Graham Greenleaf in 1992 for his article Information Technology and the Law published in March 1993 in The Australian Law Journal.

6.    Hornery B, Beinat P. Knowledge Based Systems in Insurance – A Case Study. Housley Communications Consultants, 1991.

7. Beinat P. Artificial Intelligence Special Interest Group Newsletter – June1990.

In addition, please see the following documents produced after CSC’s purchase of the Colossus program, in which the original programmers take the legal position that the Colossus program was not appropriately protected from the public during development to provide trade secret protection, and that CSC has no trade secret protection for Colossus:

1. CSC v.PMSC,WesternDistrictofTexas,AustinDivisionCase#A00CA033SS
Also see:

1. In Re Farmers Insurance Exchange Claims Representatives’ Overtime Pay Litigation, filed in the United States District Court for the District of Oregon MDL Docket No. 33-1439 Findings of Fact p. 39-41.

2. Guidera, J. “Colossus at the Accident Scene: Software of Insurers Spurs Suits Insurers Use Program to Calculate Payout for Injuries, But Many Claim it is Misused,” Wall Street Journal January 2, 2002.

3. Sullivan, B. “Colossus Will Bite Auto Insurers If They’re Not Careful,” The Regulator – Journal of The Insurance Regulatory Examiners Society. March 2003.