A broken bone is a deceptively common injury that can occur as the result of a San Diego traffic accident. Contact San Diego accident lawyers who are ready to answer your questions regarding the liability of your accident and will explore all potential sources of financial compensation for your injuries.  

Indications of a Broken Bone Injury after a San Diego Traffic Accident

You should always seek medical attention after an accident, particularly if you see signs of a broken bone injury, which can include: 

  • excessive or extreme pain at the source of the injury;
  • severe swelling or bruising around the injury;
  • difficulty or inability to move the body part that has been injured, particularly a joint or limb;
  • limbs or joints that appear malformed; and
  • protruding bones or visible fractures. 

Seeking medical attention is not only vital to your health, but also crucial to the success of a car accident claim you may file to cover your medical expenses if the accident that caused your broken bone injury was the result of another driver's reckless behavior or negligence.

Cost of Treatment for a Broken Bone in San Diego

A broken bone can have a profound and detrimental emotional, physical and financial impact on the life of an accident victim.

In some cases, a broken bone injury can be treated with anti-inflammation and pain medication, a cast to set the bone while it heals, and plenty of bed rest. In more serious instances, however, a fracture may require surgery to address the complexity of the injury, as well as several rounds of X-rays and CT scans, the cost of which can rapidly add up.

In the case of severe breaks that keep victims immobilized for extended periods of time, physical therapy may also be necessary to restore function and strength to the limb or area that was broken.

If another driver's recklessness was responsible for the San Diego traffic accident that caused your injury, you should not be forced to shoulder the costs incurred. Speak with a team of San Diego accident lawyers who will fight for compensation and protect your rights.

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