A Sleep Log is something all commercial truck drivers must keep written down, just like all pilots must file a written flight plan.  The Sleep Log is one of the first pieces of evidence subpoenaed by experience California Truck Accident Law Firms.  It details the history of the truck driver's sleeping habits, and can be vital to liability in a California Truck or Bus Accident; it is also required by the Department of Transportation.

Also, keep in mind, the Sleep Log is vital evidence that must be preserved soon after a California commercial truck accident. You can bet that the insurance company for the truck driver will do whatever it can to minimize their liability exposure - this fact makes it very important you retain legal counsel on your side to protect your interests.  Remember that insurance companies are for profit businesses and they do want, or do not have an incentive, to pay you full value for your injuries unless they are forced to do so. Make sure you have retained legal counsel with many years of legal experience handling commercial trucking accidents and injuries. For more information you can call me directly at (619) 813-7955.