In a recent study, around one-fourth (25%) of motorcycle, bicycle and scooter accidents are single bike accidents, in which a rider hit something to cause the accident or he or she simply "wiped out" without hitting anything.  Around two-thirds of the time, the blame for the accident is put on the rider of the motorcycle -- but keep in mind that even something as seemingly authoritative as a police report is not always accurate and many times the police report can be challenged.

We have taken on many cases in which the police assigned blame to the motorcycle rider for a single-bike accident, and we have successfully proven that other factors were truly to blame, not just the motorcycle rider.  For example, some single-bike accidents are often due to defective road conditions, road hazards, or defective equipment on the motorcycle.  You need an experienced motorcycle lawyer look at your specific case to see where the true blame lies on single-bike accident claims.   

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