SAN DIEGO CAR WRECK | INFORMATION AFTER AN ACCIDENT: What information should I obtain after a California accident?

If you sustained any injury, you should seek immediate medical attention; after everyone is safe and any police or medical help has been called, you should seek the following information:


      • Even if the police arrive, try to get all contact information of all parties involved in the accident which should include, at a minimum name, address, drivers' license number(s), telephone number(s), and insurance name, and policy number(s).  Why?  Because you will probably need this information right away and remember, the police report will take time to prepare, and you may need more information than what the police report will eventually provide.  Thus, if no police report is being prepared, it is even more crucial to get as much information on everyone involved in the accident;


      • Gather any and all witness information, names, and all contact information; write this information down.  You should keep a notepad in your glove box along with a deposable camera, if you have no cell phone with a camara mode;


      • Take photos (keep disposable camara in your glove box or use your camara on your cell phone if you have one).   You can sometimes document vehicle positions before they are moved, and of course visible property damage, bodily injuries, and witnesses.   Some phones today even contain a recording camara device which is even more helpful than photographs.