Stay visible on the Freeway:  A key to preventing motorcycle accidents is “conspicuity,” which simply means making yourself noticeable to other drivers on the roadway. Many San Diego motorists say "they did not see the motorcyclist" -- the more conspicuous you are when riding a motorcycle, the better. To this end, it is important to use headlamps, both during the night and day, and to wear high-visibility yellow, orange or bright red jackets. Fairings on the motorbike and big windshields are also thought to help conspicuity with motorcycles so motorists can see them on the freeways.

Get Motorcycle Training:  Statistics show that over 92% of motorcycle riders involved in a motorcycle wreck were taught to ride a motorcycle by either  a family relative or friend (who in turn "taught themselves").  However, training with a professional is shown to reduce accidents, or at the very least, reducing more serious injuries as a professional can show you how to fall or engage your bike in situations where a wreck is about to happen.

Use Safety Wear and Your Helmut!  Safety gear may not prevent a motorcycle accident from happening, but it can certainly reduce your chances of more serious injuries.

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