Bicycle messengers face a significant challenge daily as they provide valuable service to many businesses in the major cities of California like San Diego. Many bike messengers are hurt and two to three are killed each year, most often through no fault of their own, in the course and scope of their job delivering packages to businesses.  The Law Offices of Mark C. Blane has represented bike delivery service messengers injured by negligent car and truck drivers who have done or more of the following negligent acts:

  • 1) ignored traffic laws and drove into the bike lane;
  • 2) rear-ended a biker;
  • 3) sped up at a yellow light or ran a red light and hit a biker;
  • 4) failed to stop at a stop sign and hit a biker;
  • 5) failed to see the biker and swerved in front of, or directly into them;
  • 6) stopped suddenly in front of a biker, causing the biker to rear-end the car.

In addition to pursuing legal damages against the at-fault party, you may also have a San Diego California Workers compensation case to pursue as well.  You must to speak to an experienced attorney to review your legal rights.  If you were hurt, injured or a loved one was killed while working as a bike messenger in the San Diego California area, schedule a free consultation at our San Diego law office.


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