An injured person from a car or motorcycle accident should not hesitate to get checked out by medical professionals as soon as possible following an accident.  This is not the time to be stoic about your injuries as the longer an injured person waits for medical care, the longer it may take the injuries to heal properly.  Sometimes an injury may show signs of symptoms until 12 to 24 hours after an accident.  It is extremely important to go see a doctor right away and begin consistent therapy for your injuries; and, of course, follow the advice of your doctor. 

Insurance companies and their defense lawyers are well trained to look for gaps in medical care to either minimize your settlement recovery, or deny your claim.  They do this because they know the chances of convincing a jury at trial that you should have turned "heaven and earth" to get medical care, and by failing this, your pain was probably caused by something you did in your daily activities, or you were not that injured from the accident, increase the longer there is a gap in care.  Or, if you fail to obtain any medical care whatsoever.