SAN DIEGO CALIFORNIA INJURED BABY OR CHILD - CONTENTS OF THE COURT DOCUMENTS FOR SETTLEMENT: What are the contents of the legal papers my child or baby's injury lawyer files in California Superior Court to get the court to approve my child's injury settlement?

Contents of the Court Documents Regarding a Minor Child’s Injury Settlement

Simply put, everything is in the papers filed with the court. The paperwork goes into a lot of detail regarding the settlement and the minor’s medical expenses. Remember, the judge will need all of these details to approve the settlement for the injured minor child. The judge will have a sense of the accident, the injuries, the medical bills, and of course, the settlement amount, the net recovery to the minor child, and the attorneys’ fees and litigation costs, after reviewing the filed papers. All of these items are important for the judge to make an informed decision as to the fairness of the settlement to the minor child. It is in the best interest of the minor child client, because the judge will be the one to approve and determine that everything with the settlement is done fairly, equitably, and correctly. This also gives reassurances to the parents, or guardian ad litem, that the settlement is good and in the best interest of the injured child.

The judge usually focuses on the medical bills and what entity covered them, or if they were not covered, were they adequately covered under the amount of the settlement. The judge focuses on this because he or she wants to maximize the child's net recovery in a settlement and this is one opportunity to make sure this gets done. The power of the court to reduce the medical expenses is quite limited so the judge will look to the child's injury lawyer to make sure he or she has done their job in reducing any medical lien interest as low as possible. 

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