SAN DIEGO CA UNINSURED (UM) MOTORIST ACCIDENT | LEGAL INFORMATION: I have confusion over my California auto insurance policy: what is BI, UM, and MP (Med Pay) coverage, and what do they mean if I have been in a car or motorcycle accident?

BI stands for "bodily injury" and this type of insurance coverage will pay claims for injury you negligently cause to another as a result of the use of your  motor vehicle. California state law requires that every driver carry insurance for bodily injury with policy limits of at least $15,000 per person, and $30,000.00 per occurance.

UM stands for "uninsured motorist" or "under-insured motorist" and ff you are injured by a negligent driver who does not have liability insurance (or inadequate liability insurance), you may make a claim with your own insurance carrier if you have this UM coverage. When you make a California UM claim, your insurance carrier "stands in the shoes" of the negligent driver and is permitted to assert all defenses that this driver may have had against you (e.g., comparative fault, excessive medical treatment, etc.).  You can see videos on this subject in the video center.


MP stands for "Medical Pay" and this coverage pays for your reasonable and necessary medical expenses, regardless of who is at fault for the collision.

Although the law does not require that you carry UM and MP coverage, insurance companies must offer the UM coverage to you. If you choose to reject UM, your insurance company must record your rejection in writing. An insurance company's failure to obtain your written rejection of UM coverage prevents the carrier from denying the claim, even if you didn't specifically pay for this type of coverage.  Another protection to drivers in California to make sure they were at least offered UM coverage.

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